What Parents and Fellow Educators Have to Say

It’s gratifying to hear experienced educators and parents alike endorse Calvert’s curriculum and support as “second to none,” “a wonderful fit,” “flexible,” “superb,” “truly a pleasure.”

Why such strong testimonials? One principal said it well: “Unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children first.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

“I love the flexibility I have with Calvert. I was able to play baseball at a high level and make a national swim meet at the same time! Thanks to Calvert I also still have plenty of time to do schoolwork.”


“It’s taking us less time to move through the content each day, but my son is more challenged and eager to learn. I know for a fact that this curriculum is more advanced that our public schools and my son is up to the challenge. Thanks, Calvert!”


“My son is eager to do more work each day and I’ve found him starting lessons on his own!”


“This is our 3rd year with Calvert and I can tell it’s going to be the best. My son and I are thoroughly enjoying the new curriculum. He is more engaged than ever!”


“We are enjoying the program so far! I love the balance of print and digital work. They’ve learned so much already!”


“My daughter isn’t being told to just memorize something and take a test, she is learning and retaining the material through all the hands-on activities and projects.”


“We used Calvert for K-8. It provided the most solid foundation anyone could ask for! One [child] is in grad school now and the other just took the GRE to apply for admission. Both scored above the 90th percentile on the writing portion. If you want your child to be well educated – choose Calvert!”


“Our 6th graders LOVE that the curriculum is written for them. In our daughter’s words ‘I feel like the lessons are speaking TO me not at me’.”


“We also find the new system a lot easier. The kids are enjoying it more and are more independent. My kids are in grade 7,6 & 5.”


“We’ve loved many things about the Calvert curriculum. Everything is so user-friendly, so vetted, so proven – really, second to none.  Student achievement is a natural result of Calvert’s decades of experience. We’ve even attracted new families because of Calvert… the Calvert legacy speaks for itself.”

— Shelley Andrus, Principal K-8, Bonneville Online Schools

“Calvert’s academic program provides a highly organized and rigorous educational pathway for our parents and their children. Lessons are well-designed and give access to engaging online activities and offline extensions in combination with the daily lessons. Students who have utilized Calvert’s education through the 8th grade have reported back to us that upon entering high school they felt academically prepared to the point where they already had mastery over standards being covered, especially in Language Arts.”

— Charles Heckel, Principal, Rural Virtual Academy on Calvert's renowned curriculum

“We have been proud partners of Calvert Education for over a decade and offer it as the premier choice of curriculum for our families. The Calvert support staff is second to none and unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children before profit margins. The staff at Calvert are versed in education and can articulate in detail the scope and sequence of their product thoroughly detailing why children are asked to learn and master the essential objectives in each subject matter. The quality, in combination with the staff, makes working with Calvert a valued experience for everyone in our school.”

— Charles Heckel, Principal, Rural Virtual Academy on partnering with Calvert