What Your Fellow Educators Have to Say

It’s gratifying to hear experienced educators endorse Calvert’s curriculum and support as “second to none,” “a wonderful fit,” “flexible,” “superb,” “truly a pleasure.”

Why such strong testimonials? One principal said it well: “Unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children first.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

“Calvert’s academic program provides a highly organized and rigorous educational pathway for our parents and their children. Lessons are well-designed and give access to engaging online activities and offline extensions in combination with the daily lessons. Students who have utilized Calvert’s education through the 8th grade have reported back to us that upon entering high school they felt academically prepared to the point where they already had mastery over standards being covered, especially in Language Arts.”

— Charles Heckel, Principal, Rural Virtual Academy on Calvert's renowned curriculum

“We have been proud partners of Calvert Education for over a decade and offer it as the premier choice of curriculum for our families. The Calvert support staff is second to none and unlike other educational vendors, Calvert puts education and what is best for children before profit margins. The staff at Calvert are versed in education and can articulate in detail the scope and sequence of their product thoroughly detailing why children are asked to learn and master the essential objectives in each subject matter. The quality, in combination with the staff, makes working with Calvert a valued experience for everyone in our school.”

— Charles Heckel, Principal, Rural Virtual Academy on partnering with Calvert

“We’ve loved many things about the Calvert curriculum. Everything is so user-friendly, so vetted, so proven – really, second to none.  Student achievement is a natural result of Calvert’s decades of experience. We’ve even attracted new families because of Calvert… the Calvert legacy speaks for itself.”

— Shelley Andrus, Principal K-8, Bonneville Online Schools

“On behalf of OHDELA, I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the Calvert organization for your help making our school year successful. I’ve asked a million questions over the months and have always received prompt and professional responses from every Calvert staff member, I truly appreciate it! Thank you. YOU GUYS ROCK!!”

— Shawn Martin, K-8 Teacher, OHDELA

“Calvert is a wonderful fit for our students and families. It allows our parents time to work side by side with their student to guide them through their learning, while also having the ability to step away and teach some independence.”

— Melissa Horn, Former Executive Director, Wisconsin Virtual Learning

“So many of our students attribute their success to the education that they received through the Calvert curriculum at our school.”

— Joanne Prieto, Head of School, Casa Kalayaan International School

“Calvert’s extensive online resources and comprehensive materials have provided students everything needed for their learning experience. When surveyed, 100% of parent respondents said they would recommend the Calvert curriculum to other families.”

— Carol Klenow, Ed.D., Former Program Administrator, Virtual Learning Academy Consortium